Saturday, December 1, 2012

Welcome No Wheat Eaters!

This is a new blog that I am starting.  I have other blogs that I have been adding to for several years.  Mainly, my hobbies, life events and I even created a blog when my brother was in a terrible car accident.  It was a great way for me to catch everyone up on his recovery, and I great way for me to deal with the whole life changing tradgedy that it brought to our family.  Now I am embarking on a whole new thing....Gluten Free!

Let me tell you a little about myself and my problems that I had been going through that brought me to this new stage of my life.  As a teenager I never experienced bowel issues.  Around the age of 18 I had 2 occasions that I can remember vividly that sent me flying home to get to my bathroom.  I never really thought much about it until...I returned from working at Disneyworld as an intern and I started experiencing a terrible break out on my face.  I never had skin issues so I was devistated when I awoke to pimples everywhere.  I went to several dermatologists then with no relief I resorted to the best derm. doctor in Texas that I know, Dr. Cochran! To this day I still think he is the best dermatologist in Texas and Texas is a big state!  He gave me an antibiotic that clear my pimples up right away! Was it the answer?  Well, at the time when I was devastated it was.  Now looking back I often wonder was it those antibiotics that started my whole IBS thing?  I will never truly know.

So once my face was clear as a bell I went on to start having stomach aches everytime I ate.  It started out slow and then all of a sudden I realized I was running to the bathroom everytime I ate.  So I just couldn't figure it out.  I went to gastro after gastro.  Hearing things like its all in your head....or did you have a bad childhood- uh NO!!! I had a wonderful childhood with great parents! I heard that I swallowed to much air, that I needed to eat smaller meals, you name it I heard it.  I also had 4 colonoscopies in the span of 15 years.  Okay that may not be too many but think about it....I was only 23 when I had my first one.  You normally hear them say you need one around the age of 50.

Through the years I tried my best to work around my stomach issues.  I never really used my college degree, which is sad, but I just couldn't seem to get my stomach to work with me.  I just have a hard time getting out of the house early in the am.  And afternoons after dinner are always the worst.  Have I suffered over the years....TERRIBLY!  I have had anxiety that could make your toes curl.  It goes through stages.  I panic everytime someone says, "Lets got to lunch" or "we can go have dinner then to a movie"....NO- I CAN'T.  Not because I didn't want too, but because of the fear of a stomach ache.

Do my parent think its all in my head....YES they do! Does it hurt my feelings....Yes it does.  I will agree that I can sike myself up, but for the most part I know when my stomach hurts! They aren't around me on a daily basis because I live in a different state.  My sweet husband can atest to the things I have gone through with this IBS crap.

Well truly this story could go on forever.  But I will I was diagnosed with IBS after my first colonscopy.  I have lived my life around the bathroom, I have scheduled my vacations around the bathroom (LOVE VEGAS- always a clean bathroom around)  and our beach condo that we go to is steps away from the beach so I can run up if needed.  When I go on scrapbook weekends with my lady friends.  I never leave the house!  I do panic alot, and nobody really knows I try to keep it in check, but I worry constantly that my stomach will hurt or does hurt!  Oh and I would love to go eat with my son's baseball teams after games, but that just can't happen.  Over the years I have tried to figure things out.  I finally was told to go see a Internal Medicine doctor by the name of Kelly Cobb.  She is real into- hormonal checking and natural remedies.  So I said, sure- it can't hurt.

Dr. Cobb asked once I was finished telling her my long list of ailments- aching back, stomach aches, diarreha, anxiety, depression, joint pains, vision issues (that's a whole other story) and now Rosecea... another problem that has just arose... she asked, "Can I step out and grab a brochure for you to read."  I said, "sure."  She came back with a little brochure that said-  Is Your Food Killing You?  I read through it, well I could answer Yes to almost every question it asked.  She suggested I do a test called an ALCAT test to see if I was sensative to foods and which ones.  Well, I had already been tested through blood work for Celiac Disease.  So I didn't think that was my problem, but sure enough when the results came back....the list, oh the list was so long! And- I be damn, GLUTEN was in the blue box of things that I was intolerant to.

So here I am...left with a the results and completely overwhelmed. I'm telling you my story could have been alot longer than this but it would have taken forever to type up the last 15+ years of my life.  So I tried to sum it up as best as I could.  I hope this gives you a little idea of where I've been in my life and where I plan to go....

With that saying....I am embarking on a new gluten free life.  Is it going to be my answer?  I don't know I have noticed when trying to learn the right way to eat I have still made some mistakes.  I am still having a few stomach aches now and then.  So am I doing it right? I don't know just yet.  It also said I was sensative to dairy.  Well, I just can't give up everything all at once, there would be nothing left in my mind.

This will be a long journey.  I hope to help anyone that needs it, I would love to find so friends in my area that are struggling with the same things.  I would love to compile lists of restaurants in Lafayette that have Gluten Free options.  I have searched for support groups and come up empty handed everytime.  So please feel free to leave me any comments, information or your info so that we can form a support group!

Until next time....healthy happy eating!

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