Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Soy Sauce for you Sushi Lovers

Okay, so I am totally a newbie at all of this.  But I am doing really good.  I have been gluten free for several weeks with absolutely NO stomach aches! Has it cleared up my Rosecae yet? No, but I am still hopeful!  Anyways, if you know me, then you know that I love sushi.  Well, not the real deal, the cooked deal! LOL  I do like the ones that are cooked and yes some may have traces of gluten.  Last week I had some, the snowcrab, the waitress seemed somewhat knowledgeable on the subject.  She said that they only mix mayo with the snowcrab.  So anyways, I did not have a reaction and I ate the real deal soy sauce not realizing that it had wheat in it.  So this is when I think that I may only be intolerant and not full blown Celiac.  I did have the Celiac blook work done several years back, but I thought it was a botched test.  Anyways, I did not react to the small amount of gluten that I had the other day, so I am hopeful that I can add the above soy sauce to my pantry and continue eating my beloved sushi! Because ladies I could eat that everyday!  Only problem with the soy sauce, I can only find a 240 pack to purchase, and its $37.00.  I don't really want to buy that much to begin with.  You can order it online at the San-J website, but of course they are out!  Good luck and I hope you had a wonderful GF day! I did!

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